Currently i am struggling with my fashion photography - i try to find some new (for me new) ideas, moods and styles ... i dont like to do the "all too fancy" fashion shoots with costumes, head pieces etc. pp
i try to aim for a more commercial approach instead of a purely artistic. i will add: this doenst mean that these other images are bad - on the contrary: i love what some other fellows are doing, stuff which i don't even dream about!

I shot Theresa in this shallow area in a nearby forest. It's all natural light. If i am honest: i think that the light is coming from the wrong direction ... but i noticed that long too late (when i was at home, looking at the screen) - anyway i still love the image and the feeling it gives. on the other side: i already know what to improve next time ;)

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Copyright Martin Strauss

Canon 5D Mark III
50mm · f/2.0 · 1/250s · ISO 160
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Amazing outstanding shot!
The warm light is perfect and her pose really adorable! Love the concept and execution!

Love the light, the pose, and great colors! Her face is almost to smooth when you compare it to the arms. Is that editing or makeup? If it's the first, toning it down would make the image more authentic. Rated it 4 stars, because it's so well done.