ENVE by Dmitry Bocharov
June 11, 2018

I made this shot on the Point Mugu in California. When we arrived there it was so cold and windy, but we try to make the best! For this i used 2 light sources Profoto B1. 1 light i used as a main light with Profoto OCF Beuty Dish and 2nd as a rim light without any reflectors. Natural light was fill light. I put sandbags on the stand cause wind was so powerfull, once i catch my stand. At the begining i knew i need 3 images: driving bike, portrait and medium shot. So we spent 1 hour to make this magic happen. Thank for my great team and retoucher for helping me with this project:
Bike: ENVE
Model: Sil Ribeiro
Retouching: BermudezStudio

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Thanks for sharing this! Love your cycle shots!

Emma Grigoryan's picture

love that