I made this shot on the Point Mugu in California. When we arrived there it was so cold and windy, but we try to make the best! For this i used 2 light sources Profoto B1. 1 light i used as a main light with Profoto OCF Beuty Dish and 2nd as a rim light without any reflectors. Natural light was fill light. I put sandbags on the stand cause wind was so powerfull, once i catch my stand. At the begining i knew i need 3 images: driving bike, portrait and medium shot. So we spent 1 hour to make this magic happen. Thank for my great team and retoucher for helping me with this project:
Bike: ENVE
Model: Sil Ribeiro
Retouching: BermudezStudio

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Gus Nwanya's picture

Thanks for sharing this! Love your cycle shots!

Emma Grigoryan's picture

love that

Rick Pappas's picture

You're shooting this as an art shot more than a sport shot. That's fine if that's what you want. But, as a former cyclist and a photographer, this screams at me. Why? It defies reality. (But so did Dali, I murmur to myself) There are things that have changed in cycling that I am now "out of the loop" on. But, the tight framed, aero wheeled bike with the rider hanging out on aero bars looks out of place to me in this loose surfaced setting. The loudest of the screams has to do with the light. There will never be two "natural" light sources this bright on a cyclist traveling outside. Also the hard jaw shadow on his left that extends into his neck under his ear is distracting and caused by your rim being so low that it was clipped by his shoulder.
I'm not trying to be a jerk... I'm trying to point out some things to think about.