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Cold pleasure

Outside, it is -6 ° C and fresh wind. But the prospect of a nice sunset lured me out. Woolen sweater, down jacket, wool gloves, headlamp, wool socks and good shoes. In other words, well dressed to stand behind a camera and a photo stand. The trip went to Ligtvor to get the beautiful light of the sunset over the Sognefjord. In addition, there is a nice little bay which serves as a nice foreground and frame for the sunset.
After a short while, my fingers were completely numb with cold, so there were not many pictures before I had to turn my nose back home.
All the photos I took was with three pictures ± 1.7 EV bracketing as the starting point for HDR on the Mac at home. Uses Aurora HDR for this type of work to get details in the dark areas and the lights / colors in the bright areas.
A real sunset image.
Pentax K3 m. Pentax 16-85mm

Pentax K3
16mm · f/7.1 · 1/5 · ISO 100
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