The King of the Forest by Sebastian Di Domenico
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The King of the Forest

June 27, 2018

A huge green anaconda from the amazon forests of Ecuador

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Could you give us details on how you manage to get a photo like that. Very impressive (the photo & the subject)

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Hi Yannick, I was staying in Selva lodge and the previous night we had a torrential rain that lasted for hours. The next day the staff of the lodge called me and told me an anaconda was crossing from a swamp to that lagoon you see in the picture. I ran with my camera equipment, I actually wanted to use two flashes but one of them ran out of battery.... Then I got inside the water with the anaconda and when the sun came out she started to bask on the log... with the help of a friend who carried the flash I got this

Amazing ! Thanks for the story

Amazing the flash didn't affect the snake since they have no eyelids and it's impossible to know if they're sleeping or not!

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Excellent shot!

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Fearless! I don’t think I could have waded into water like you. Wonderful capture.

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Wonderful capture

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Impressive and unique!