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Panoramic view of Singapore Marina

There is one peculiarity about this region of the world - the blue and golden hours are very short there. In other words, both sunset and sunrise are gone in 30 minutes. So, I had very short time in which to capture the perfect panoramic view of Singapore Marina. Regarding this particular image, I think I was very lucky taking it – after only one shot the golden light that you see was already gone.

More about this image here:

36mm · f/8.0 · 4s · ISO 50
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Mark Peavy's picture

Beautiful and great shot! I assume no compositing was done? You did an excellent job of getting the perfect exposure.

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Thanks Mark!
No, I never "fake" my images, only sometimes use exposure blending if the camera can't handle the dynamic range. But even that wasn't the case here.

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Awesome picture. I am from Singapore. I can never take a mirror image off the waters. I am also trying to figure where you take this picture from.

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Thank you! It's taken from "The Sail" :)

Shian bang Ngoh's picture

Looks private, either at the sail at marina bay, UBS office, or if its an open space, level 33 at MBFC (no tripods allowed though)

But I'm guessing its Sail at marina bay.

Rod Bruno's picture

This is awesome! Great work

Nico Trinkhaus's picture

Thanks Rod!

Peter Virag's picture

Absolutely beautiful!

Matteo Callisti's picture

Stunning! I love the composition and the mood of it :)

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Thanks Matteo!

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outstanding job nico!!