Canon 5D mk.II, Sigma 50mm EX DG, 1/40 f6.7 iso 100
Hustopece ,Czech Republic

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Leon Kolenda's picture

Wow! Talk about conveying motion, Superb!

Steven Clough's picture

I can see and feel the motion straight of the back with this image.

Blake Aghili's picture

Joe McNally did something like this once, it is so cool and exciting. I always wanted to shoot something like that too.

DJ Toman's picture

I've always wanted to do a shot like this (with cyclists) as well. It really pulls the viewer in and gives them a rush. The only issue that kept me from rating it five stars is the little film scratches, which since it wasn't actually shot on film seem gratuitous to me.

Marek Stefech's picture

i will be honest, i love film photography but i am very lazy to shoot on film, but i trying to bring same feeling to my digital photography.

Philip Field's picture

Love the angle and grit in this shot - really makes you feel there and part of the action with the slow shutter speed used. Great work.

tony picture's picture

Feel the rush, nice!

Aydin Ali's picture