Canon 5D mk.II, Sigma 50mm EX DG, 1/40 f6.7 iso 100
Hustopece ,Czech Republic

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Wow! Talk about conveying motion, Superb!

I can see and feel the motion straight of the back with this image.

Joe McNally did something like this once, it is so cool and exciting. I always wanted to shoot something like that too.

I've always wanted to do a shot like this (with cyclists) as well. It really pulls the viewer in and gives them a rush. The only issue that kept me from rating it five stars is the little film scratches, which since it wasn't actually shot on film seem gratuitous to me.

i will be honest, i love film photography but i am very lazy to shoot on film, but i trying to bring same feeling to my digital photography.

Love the angle and grit in this shot - really makes you feel there and part of the action with the slow shutter speed used. Great work.

Feel the rush, nice!