For this shot i used one hard light Profoto B1 and sun as a backlight. Camera Nikon + 17-35 mm lens.

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Tim Tadder

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Photo of the day? The water is about 10 degrees off level and there is a large blob that blurs part of the sleeve, water and shore.

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The technique of shooting at an angle is "shooting Dutch." It is a well recognised method and not a failing - and this is obviously shot in this style rather than it being a mistake.

The "blob" is a sun flare, possibly caused by either just the position of the backlighting sun or because of water on the lens - both or either of which are contributing to the location and vibe.

Art doesn't have to follow preconceived rules every time. Next thing you'll be telling us her eyes don't meet the 1/3 rule or you've detected a pixel at 100% white...

This shot and everything it gives off as a creative vibe, is excellent.

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Powerful shot! Well done!