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A Spartan on Iceland Moss

When driving through Iceland, I suddenly found this huge green field of moss. The sky was turning colourful and I took this shot with just a rotolight added as the light was a bit flat. I chose a rather long exposure and took many shots. On some the cloak was not blurred.

16mm · f/5.6 · 1/25 · ISO 100
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This shot takes landscape photography to a whole new level!

Like the movie '300'

lol, yes! I think I watched it too much 😂

Interesting travel wardrobe you carry, Ali! Handy for a bit of pillaging. Must try it. ;-)

😂 Might be handy but it was actually cold. The Spartans knew why they didn't go to Iceland! Cheers Chris 😉

Travel wardrobe = Gerald Butler! Joke aside, hat off for the dedication, creativity and execution

Hahaha this was when I first started photography so I was a bit too enthusiastic 😂 Thanks Septimiu, much appreciated!

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