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Light and Shadow

Last week, I drove to this beautiful place called Ouse Valley Viaduct, an hour south of London. I took a few shots but I didn't like the light much. So I decided to return later for perfect light and shadow. I had a very clear vision of the shot and was hoping to achieve what I envisaged. It came out as I wanted and I thought I would share with you the result ;)

63mm · f/8.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Hanaa Turkistani's picture

Ufff!!! wht a shot !

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

lol it was fun doing it ;))

shareef saadi's picture

Nicely done !!

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Thanks Shareef 😊

Chris Jablonski's picture

Great job, Ali! Very striking and enjoyable image.

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Many thanks, Chris! Greetings

Bernard Lachaud's picture

Gorgeous shot ! Looks like a sci-fi movie or something out of a dream... Love it !

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Thank you, Bernard ;)

Hanaa Turkistani's picture

congrats Aliiiii!!!

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Cheers Hanaa 😊 πŸ™

Chris Jablonski's picture

Congratulations, Ali! Well done, and well deserved.

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Thanks Chris! You’re very kind.

Steve Balmer's picture

I love this shot, it makes me feel so relaxed and chilled. Love the lighting too as it vanishes into infinity πŸ‘

Septimiu Valasutean's picture

Mesmerizing. Is this place even real?

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

It looked surreal. It's a great spot for photographers, called Ouse Valley Viaduct ;)

Sascha Eden's picture

This is a great picture! It really deserves to be picked as photo of the day.

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

Thanks a lot Sascha!

chris bryant's picture

Super Lush!