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Double Rainbow at Wizard Hat

This image almost didnt happen. I WENT to Oregon to shoot this specific rock. This was where I wanted to go and what I wanted to shoot. This is typically a sunset shot.... but the evening we arrived, we were socked in. I usually to to get SOMETHING, but it was just hideously ugly! So I went to dinner and to bed.

My wife wakes me up- Dave, there's Blue Sky! So I hike down to the beach, and it looks pretty nice! It is misting slightly, with bold clouds in the background. THEN the sun pops up and the rainbow pops up! I race around trying to get a few angles, and then I fall back to this framing, and that's when I see the double rainbow.

So its NOT the normal, sunset shot most people shoot here.... so don't give up, shoot what you get!

D810 with Tamron 15-30 !@ 15mm. ISO 64, f/22 at 1/3"

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