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Gog and Magog

The forecast for sunrise was wet and windy but decided to take the chance and head out to this location.
It was windy and started to drizzle and for whatever reason, it conditions paused and it lit up for a brief 10 minutes before it started bucketing down for the rest of the day.

21mm · f/5.0 · 30s · ISO 200
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Would love to have this hung on my wall.

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Thank you so much Cristian! Greatly appreciated

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Loving this pano mate

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glad you like this buddy!

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Very nice smoothing with that shutter speed. Did you also employ and ND filter?? Again - very nice. Also, where is this?

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Huge thanks Clifford! Yeah I did use the ND filter and from memory it was probably a 6 stopper.
This is taken in Melbourne, Australia along the Great Ocean Road coastline.
A beautiful coastline and only 5 hours drive from the city and still not sick of this view just yet.

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Very good image. I've been there myself and its a beautiful location. Personally I'd find it overprocessed and too much like a painting. A lot of texture / naturalness is gone, Gog and Magog in particular - possibly because of brightening the dark side of the rock on the sunrise. But overall as an image it works

Trevor Parker's picture

Beautiful, this would make great wall art