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Often drive past this structure, it would take my mind to another portal and though I try to convey that thought with this image.

Sony A7rii
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Thank you so much Edwin! Greatly appreciated!

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Well done buddy, congrats

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Thank you so much brother! Greatly appreciate!

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thanks mate!

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absolutely incredible

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thanks heaps Jeff!

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Square composition is unusual yet appealing to me.

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Thank you so much Vijay! It was mainly to keep the composition clean and minimal and glad you like this.

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Hi Danny. Seeing the image again, my senses were inclining to see the arch element on left side. allowing the via-duct lines occupying more space in composition. Perhaps i am trying to see the heavier elements on left and allow the lines to lead at right top corner. But this is my personal thoughts. thanks.

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Combination of M.C. Escher, Joel Tjintjilaar, and Heavy Metal mag. Just lovely and super cool.

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thank you so much Tom!

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Much appreciated Dan!

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I know this structure, Danny, but you've made it look like another world. Well conceived and executed. Well deserved Photo of the Day.

Mind saying whether you used cloud movement or did the sky streaks yourself in post? Or you can keep your secrets... ;-)