For the love of moss, Ferns and pure water by Oliver Clarke
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For the love of moss, Ferns and pure water

August 30, 2018

For the love of moss, ferns, little brown trout and pure water. We spent the last 24 days and 2500KM camping in the French and Spanish Pyrenees. Amazing vistas and landscapes. In a French mountain valley I found the most perfect, ancient woodland with pure, cold and clear water running over rocks and stones in millions of colours. I felt at home here. Mesmerised. It all came back to me: where we come from and how we attain peace and tranquility to soothe the mind and the senses. You can take the Homo Sapien out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the Homo Sapien!

Perfect reading during this trip, At Least Know This: Essential Science to Enhance Your Life - Guy P. Harrison. Thanks Guy P. Harrison for an excellent and totally compulsive read, at least I now know that!

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