Mountain Organs by Oliver Clarke
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Mountain Organs

July 17, 2020

In the Teruel, Aragon mountains of Spain at sunset, they call this immense and enormous rock formation "The Mountain Organ" - The scale is amazing, difficult to illustrate without say a climber on the rock for size, the main "organs" part must be 1500m in length and 1000m high, the River Pitarque down in the valley is stunning with lovely overhanging trees and dappled light on the water, but was too busy trying to catch trout to take pics, lots of stunning butterflies here too, we also saw many mountain goats on the way home including tiny newborns and great big males with 1m high horns, this place is a two hour drive from home - we didn't see another person the whole day, saw one other car on a 30 mile stretch over the mountain road. its one of the most stunningly beautiful and totally unspoiled places we've ever been.

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Beautiful picture!

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Excellent near-far composition, giving great apparent depth with at least six planes from the pine branch to infinity.