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Lonely Plane Wreck

Twisted wreckage from an old airplane crash in Iceland on Sólheimasandur black sand beach

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Surreal and awesome. Nice.

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This such a dope pic yet it was criticised on the youtube channel for this being a sledge hammer of Colors smh

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Cool composition :)

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great image!

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Did you shoot the sky on Iceland?

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It's a composite picture, Mike and Elia rated this 1 and 2 stars not even knowing if it was one, they just hated that it's simply too overdone. You can't see the milky way like that on that location it's probably a stock picture added to the plane wreck. Plus that location is insanely famous, so it has to be different, balanced, with an interesting composition.

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I think from this location the milky way will come straight up from the horizon. It wont look curved like this at all.

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Awesome work :)