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Sea Bridge

Sea Bridge Fine Art. B & W, Black and White

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I always admire photos that are so simple and sleek yet pack a punch!

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Thanks indeed Sir

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Eerrrhmmm.... Wow! 😮😃

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Thanks indeed Sir , it means quite a lot to me as it comes from one of very best in the world of photography and much closer to my heart since I did learn so much from your very own YouTube informative videos.

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Simply amazing, I would love knowing more, how you achieved this.

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The cam I used is NIKON D7000, with 70-200 Sigma, 2.8. The setting was 1/500 shutter, F8, ISO 100. Shot on a rainy day in morning (Honk Kong) and post processed in LR , PS , Nik. The major tool was Curves (PS) and selections (SP) with a idea of give more importance to Black and only to leave highlights in white when dodging and burning.

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Gorgeous lighting! This is an exquisite image!

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Thanks a lot sir.

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This stopped me in my tracks. Mesmerizing

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Very creative

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Thanks a lot.