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September 12, 2018
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Hemantha Sharma DL's picture

Lovely photo ! How was this done?

Ivo de Kok's picture

Hi, Hemantha! Thank you. I shot everything separately and merged everything in photoshop. Lots of layers. :-p

Linda Troski's picture

Love it

Ivo de Kok's picture

Thanks, Linda!

MARKUS COHN's picture

Do you think you can make a video of how you did this. I would love to learn to do that! ITS STUNNING

Dr J's picture

How in the world did you do that? It is really a great picture.

Ivo de Kok's picture

Thanks Dr J, Lots of layers in photoshop. ;-)

Deleted Account's picture

Photoshopography, not photography…
But extremely well done!

Ivo de Kok's picture

Thanks Maxal, A new word for me. :-) I agree. Nowadays its digital capture and a lot of processing. The images i see in this community dont come out of my camera like that. ;-)

Allen Hammer's picture

Yeah Its all fantasyland now with the oversaturated colors, oversharpening, tone mapping, HDR processing etc. I am a street photog and find that photos reflecting the reality that was observed are in the minority. Maybe the pendulum will swing back..

Dan Guisinger's picture

Well done! Nice execution of today's digital photography tools.

Ivo de Kok's picture

Thank you Dan!