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Male Ideal

A photo I took a few days ago in the Columbia River Gorge, inspired by the work of late photographer Alonzo Hanagan, also known as "Lon of New York". He was arrested multiple times between the late 1930's and early 1960's for taking photos of the nude male form that resemble the one I am sharing here. The police, who destroyed much of his body of work, told him that his photographs were "poisoning the minds of the people who viewed them", simply because it was illegal to photograph nude men.

I use natural light because I'm poor and do my best to make due with what's available to me, however I apply a lot of the same principles to my lighting that studio photographers do. For this particular shot, there was a thin layer of clouds duffusing the sunlight, and it was 5pm, so the sun was positioned at a high enough angle to sculpt, but not too high. I placed a large white reflector on the ground between the model and I, so I could get a little more light to reflect from below as well.
Shot with a Canon 5D MKI, with an EF 85mm f/1.8 lens set to f/7.1.

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This reminds me of Wilhelm von Gloeden's "Caino"

Great strength terrific pose