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Surrounded by rocks, between the sky and the sea, I met Athena

We had an amazing session with @athenagrs
It was challenging :) We swam a lot to go there and she still had breath to pose deeply underwater. A wonderful moment in the beautifull Mediterranean

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Great capture.
What housing and camera setup are you using?

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Thank you Chad. I used a Nikon D750 with a 24-70 Tamron in a Ewamarine housing. Took few shots and blend them together. Without dome on housing it s impossible to do it like this plus a lot of exposure contrast from the sea to the sky with this backlight

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This is amazing Fred. :)

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If this is not a composite, it is world class.

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What if it is ? 😄

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If it isn't, it means you probably drowned some lighting

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If this is a composite, it is world class, also

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Top draw Fred - this is a truly superb capture. Love the clarity, positioning and overall comp of this shot.

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Excellent composite

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Reminds me of a Derek Birwin photograph

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Great idear and beautiful captured.