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Architecture French Villa

2 hours to shoot this unique image.

This image is a stacking of 70 pictures with differents natural lighting while sun goes down, plus a lot of flashed parts of the house (in & out) and garden. Hopefully we enjoeyd a bottle of wine while shooting.

All this was taken by a D800E + 20mm AFD + Elinchrom head with softbox , edited in LR and compiled with PS

Check my Architecture Folio on my website http://photo.aseed.fr/photographe-immobilier-nice

House designed by my awesome friend http://www.da-architecte.fr

20mm · f/11.0 · 1/3s · ISO 100
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Very well executed, looks amazing. just a wicked image..

Thank you Robert :)

Yeah...this is solid work. This takes a special kind of patience to execute cleanly IMO.

Thanks Jason ! The patience is the big thing, the other challenge is to carrefully set up everything before starting, and then keep the childrens away from the tripod

Great job. Were your flashes gelled?

Nope just a bare flash with a 60x60cm softbox

Quand tu prends une photo a l'interieur, comment fais tu pour que le reflet cause par les lumieres a l interieur ne se refletent pas sur les vitres (quand l exterieur est plus sombre que l interieur).
Comment faire pour que les vitres soient "clean" et sans reflets, avec effet "mirroir". J espere avoir ete assez clair, desole de la confusion.
Merci de ton aide!

Il ne me semble pas déjà avoir été confronté à ce cas... Sinon la solution est peu-etre d'éteindre les lumières et récupérer les fenêtres à partir de cette image, ou de trouver un angle de prise de vue sans reflet ;)