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Cannon Beach Sunset

Sunset with the silhouette of Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach on the Northern Oregon Coast USA.

12mm · f/22.0 · ISO 100
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Great shot!

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Thank you Geoff.

Ryan Luna's picture

Does the rock closest to the Sun have some accidental transparency applied to it? Looks like the atmosphere behind it can be seen a little.

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Not sure if that is from lens flare or what.

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Considering f/22, I'd guess it's a piece of a sunstar. They have a tendency to be invisible against everything except the darkest things, on certain lenses and in certain conditions...

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Stunning Bruce! In an attempt to learn something here, what was your SS? F/22 at ISO 100 is not something a portrait guy ever sees! Thanks

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Thanks Joe, I'll have to check the file later when I get home.

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The shutter speed was 2 seconds Joe......thanks again.

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Nicely done - beautiful scene.

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Thank you Eugene.

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Wow very nicely done! Great use of reflections.

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Thank you Jerry.