Divine firmament - Flora Fountain, Mumbai, Maharashtra - India by Humayunn Peerzaada
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Divine firmament - Flora Fountain, Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

As they say wen u r alone u r not always ALone ... there is an Omniscient being.... When u r pensive, down and a little short of inspiration dats wen d Light frm d firmament beckons u .. showing u .. PRoving dat Sumone up there is the best Visual creator who just moves his hands nd a Divine visual is made..

Waiting to b Embraced .. Appreciated nd CLicked by my eyes nd in my words my Lens ... MY lens is my Gift frm God to capture his Master pieces nd Exhibit them with Glory ..

Today I was not my cheerful best .. probably coz 365 is reaching its destined end and i hv no more Skyscrapers to scale .. bt as dey say D SHOW must Go on ...

So went to flora fountain garden to shoot something .. was not getting the desired bokeh .. clicked many shots but nothing enticed my eyes or my lens .. dejected and angry i wrapped up and came at the main gate of the garden and looked up and all my anger vanished and i smiled, smiled and smiled looking at this gorgeous sunset , sky and clouds ...

The pic gives the visual that someone above is descending his divinity, light through the picturesque fiery sky... May be god wanted me capture this divine visual this evening

also practically every cell phone user at flora fountain was capturing this ..

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