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Foodies dreamworld, Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

Time-lapse walk through of ‘foodlane’ during the holy month of Ramadan at Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra - India.

Time-lapse video - Two photographers - Shabirali Patel & Humayunn Niaz Ahmed Peerzaada, 6 days of shoot, 6,205 photographs shot with GoPro Hero3-Black Edition.

It was edited and created on GoPro Studio.

Uniqueness of this video is that it documents lanes and by lanes of an area in the city of Mumbai - (Bombay) during the holy month of Ramadan.

These food lanes offers an invitation to food tourists that’s irresistible and incomplete.

These food lanes are a foodie dreamworld.

Mouthwatering Non-veg, Veg and sweets fill the food lanes of crowded streets during Ramadan.

These food lanes are probably the only open air eatery in the whole world where people from all over the world gather in the holy month of Ramadan to eat delicious, mouth watering veg & non vegetarian dishes.

Making it one of the most prominent landmark of the world. These shops are thronged by hungry and happy shoppers.

These small joints sprung up only for & in the month of Ramadan an vanishes exactly on the last night of the 30th Rozas or fast.

Distances are walkable and even the narrowest streets are floodlit. Only the sunrise will stop you from trying it all.

Thanks to Chiragh Baloch and Imran Baloch from Balochistan ( Balochtech - www.Balochtech.com) to have been so gracious and generous in allowing me to use amazing music of theirs.

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