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Over the rainbow

September 24, 2018

This was one crazy night, we got the sunrise and the rainbow at the same time. Sometimes its so worth waiting for the right moment.

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Grzegorz Piechowicz's picture

Nice work šŸ‘

Jordan McChesney's picture

Stunning conditions and composition. Great work!

Peter Virag's picture

Amazing light, congrats on the POD!

Kim Jenssen's picture

Thank you , Peter.

Matteo Callisti's picture

Great work! :D

Deleted Account's picture

Brilliant work and amazing scene. well done!

Nick B's picture

Less vignetting, (a lot) less magenta and less sky, and it has potential for a great shot I feel.

Kim Jenssen's picture

Thank for the feedback.

Kim Jenssen's picture

Thank you so much , Hans !

Julio Guadarrama's picture

Congratulations, a sensational job :)

Ellis Wood's picture

wow! great capture!

Alexander Lauterbach's picture

What a stunner! That's out of this world man!

Kim Jenssen's picture

Thank you , Alexander !

Pat C's picture

Good capture, composition and weather conditions and such, the tonal compression of the edit makes it feel a little flat, however. Tone down the edit and I'd say it is a 5 star.