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Martin’s magic

One of the nicest sunsets I captured at my favorite Californian beach.
I had doubts about the sky as I drove towards the beach but suddenly the skies exploded and the burn lasted for such a long time. Amazing California!

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Really great work. Looks like the type of shot where a lot of things can go wrong really quickly. Clearly not the case here.

Thank you!

Great image. Just tone it down on the watermark, people hate that. You should remove your website it takes the whole width of the image, and keep only the logo.

Thank you for your input. I don’t really care actually if people don’t like watermarks, The harder I make it for people without skills to remove them the better in my opinion. I’ve had many images without watermarks stolen and used by people for their profile or websites.

Amazing spot, beautiful soft lights and colors, great composition and mastered post process. The very last minutes of a sunset are very often the best ones :-)