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I met Phenix at one of her shows and she put in tons of work into her stage persona. I'd describe her as the lady gaga of Nashville. But like many musicians her promotional photography rarely mets the level they try to convey stage presence wise or with their music. So while a bit on the nose we went with a phoenix theme portrait. I shot and used prob 100 images of flames to create her wings. If you've ever used fire in photoshop you can imagine it's pretty tricky to try and get depth into something like wings

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Just WOW! - I use fire a LOT in my sessions, and TOTALLY get your point! this is just awesomeness in all of its awesomnessity (if that even exists!)

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Haha thanks a lot! Yeah I’d love to try another image like this to give it another try, Second time around is always better! I’ll check your work out!

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Awesome image Casey! I feel you nailed the depth in the wings perfectly 👍

Phenix could use this as a cover for one of her albums 😃

5 ⭐️s from me 😁

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Thanks! Yeah there’s actually a square version just for album/instagram use. A lot of my composite work have various dimension variations. As a key art designer in LA for years I got used to doing it to make sure the client has the ability to have multiple uses for each piece of art!

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I love this ! Beautiful !

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Awesome work!! What was the source of the flame?

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I shot a ton of flame stock, everything from big flames to skinny waves and pieced them together

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Did you use a flamethrower? Haha

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Haha nope just a broom stick

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Awesome work dude. Haven't tried working with fire like this in PShop. Personally I would have put those wings a bit higher on her back, but the downward wing and light and ark flames is brilliant.Great work brother. You may also want to look at various 3D modelers for particle creations (fire, smoke, water, etc.), may be handy in situations like this.

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If you follow the lines where the wings are going they lead right between her shoulder blades where the wings should should be. I use c4d a ton, check out of portfolio there’s some images where the entire scene is modeled in 3d programs! Thanks for the feedback

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Don't get me wrong, it looks great, for some reason to me it visually appears low to me. You're correct about the wing arcs.

Awesome, wonderful work.

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No worries, honestly I wasn’t totally happy with the image lol it’s really hard to convey stuff like angle with wings. I was attempting to show the wings move independently like arms so ones guarding and ones stretching back. But it just didn’t fully work because of the lack of shading fire allows etc

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I have only worked with fire a bit. I can't believe the depth you created out of this. Very inspiring

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thanks dude, appreciate it! It's deff a challenge to get depth from fire

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This is just something else, just wow! LOVE THIS A LOT!!!!!!!

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Thank you!

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Eff'in incredible! Great work.

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Incredible work, hats off!

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Excellent, really.