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Almost There

Almost can reach it, just a little more!
The lovely Cassi on the tennis court.

Shot with Sony A7RIII & Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art

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The image is solid. The posing, lighting & model is good. In my opinion, this image would have a greater impact if it were copped tighter to eliminate the negative space on both sides. Thank you for sharing this image

Thanks! Jay Smith You know, I wrestled with that back and forth like 25 times, LOL - I really wanted to do that, but I was also trying to showcase the 35mm lens and set an entire scene... I was right there, and almost did that! but then, I would have been better off using a different lens.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Umm, yes. Too distracted by subject matter to see any flaws... However I don't think that skirt is regulation. She just flies out of this image, do you remember your lighting configuration? It's insanely fluid

Hi, this was a blend of ambient with a rotalux deep octa as a subtle keylight