B-25 Bomber with Harley by Bill Larkin
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B-25 Bomber with Harley

January 17, 2017

This was a very special concept for me, as I grew up around one of these very awesome airplanes. I wanted to use my Harley I had at the time for a session and planned this out. There were some large technical challenges to get the fog and light on the airplane the way I wanted to... so it required a lot of planning and effort to pull the result together.

For BTS on this photo and the significance of this airplane for me, read about it on my blog at:

The B-25 Has special significance from the US's early days of WW2, as a retaliation attack on Japan for Pearl Harbor, these mid-range bombers were taken from an Aircraft carrier, as they did not have the fuel range to reach that far back then. - Was a one way mission for the pilots who had not enough fuel nor the ability to land back on the aircraft carrier. More info can be found by searching Doolittle Raid Tokyo.

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Good one. lucky you that you came across such a vintage aircraft n real life. SO one of these air crafts were used on Japan? I am not sure

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Yes, the B-25's were used in japan, here's pics: http://www.doolittleraider.com/raid_photos.htm

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I'm not sure but I may agree with Philip. Generally, I don't like pinup style photos but even so, while I liked the individual elements, the composition didn't make any sense at all. JMO.

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Planes and bikes are commonly shot together :)

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I have no problem with combining the elements. I just don't like the composition. It makes no sense. You would never park the motorcycle there, relative to the plane. And, in my opinion, models in these kinds of shots should complement the scene, not be the focus.

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Even the friggin tatoos match the scene!!!... NICE!