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One of the most exciting things in my game is a pair of Royal Air Force Tornado Gr4’s inbound, especially in this kind of light, late in the day.

The sight and sound of these majestic jets is something special, especially when you see them doing what they do best in the wild, flying as a pair at low level, hunting for their target and evading the enemy.

These jets hug the valley walls and floors to stay below hilltop height, flying as low as 100 foot from the ground or hillside, this way radars cannot detect them.

The sight as they race towards you at over 400mph, the delay of the jet noise as it struggles to catch up with the fast moving jets. A massive roar like the sky is being torn apart by a giant welding torch, scorching hot. The screaming banshees tearing through the valley pass in a mountain of sound, the sound of power and the smell of av fuel lingering in the air.

It is that single experience of a great pass that keeps me going back again and again, climb after climb, fail after fail after fail. Its as if that sound haunts me and I must find it. Thats why I do this mad thing, hunting the hunters.

When you have driven 300 miles and camped for two or three days just to get to this moment it is a feeling of rare excitement. This is rare. This is it. Game on. Incoming…..

600 · f/4 · 1/1250 · ISO 200
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