sea of red by Mark Dunsmuir
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sea of red

October 25, 2018

By pure luck our visit to Bhutan coincided with the celebration of Guru Rinpoche's 8th century efforts to spread Nyingma, or tantric Buddism, in Bhutan. As part of the festivities, Je Khenpo, the leader of monastic life in Bhutan, visited many of the country's monasteries. We happened to be at Punakha when Je Khenpo visited. The monks in residence, normally very stayed and tempered, lined up in excited anticipation of Je Khenpo's arrival. Here we were lucky enough to take a photograph of one of the monks stretching a bit amongst a sea of red robes.

200mm 2.8

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Michael L. McCray's picture

Really nice shot captures our human nature

Julian Ray's picture

The deceptive simplicity in this image reveals a sensitive touch and an appreciation for the richness in an ordinary moment. Fun textures and composition.

Mark Dunsmuir's picture

Wow, Julian, thanks!