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Vintage Rebel

Story behind this images begins with collaboration with Antti Karppinen from Alias Creative, I could say, my tutor. I've been in front of camera for over decade as model, same time as an assistant for many photographers and finally bought my first mirrorless DSLR in July, 2013. Little over year has past and Antti has thrown me several challenges, pointed out common mistakes and been supportive coach making me challenge myself.

This shot is actually shot in Antti's last Finnish shoot before moving to Cardiff, Wales. After doing the actual shoot, I got a possibility to grab my camera and leech some frames myself. Pure natural light with tweaks both in LR and PS. The model was Karri Lämpsä, actor from Kuopio theatre.

Special thanks to Antti, who's image was featured as Picture of the Day here @ Fstoppers.(https://fstoppers.com/potd/perspective-wedding)


Canon 6D
50mm · f/4.0 · 1/200s · ISO 250
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Hello Rebecca, I filled information on this pic.

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I am out of words! Just great work man. Keep it up.

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That's a sweet Shleby.
Nice image

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Nice photo. Great car. But I had to smile to myself wondering how, '...Antti has ... been supportive couch [sofa]...' :-)

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lol, beautiful brain fart (some people call it typo) from me :D