Ortus Solis by Bragi Ingibergsson - BRIN
November 3, 2018

This photo is taken by a beautiful lake near my hometown Hafnarfjordur named Kleifarvatn. Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland. The lake's greatest depth is 97 m.The lake and its surroundings is a wonderful place for photographers. I often go there all year around to photograph and in all kind of weather conditions. When I arrived to the lake this time it was still dark but I started setting up my tripod and began photographing. Gradually it became brighter and when the sun was about to come up I saw various colors in the sky. For a brief moment the color purple was the most obvious one and in that exact moment I took this photo. In order to emphasize my unique experience by the lake I exaggerated the purple tones a little in the post processing.

16 mm · f/22 · 15 sec · ISO 100
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