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Summer in Vengedalen

Colorful summer evening in the valley which is called one of Norways most beautiful valleys; Vengedalen.
On our trip around Norway this summer, this was one of the places I really looked forward to photographing.
We came there pretty late due to a hectic day, still we were there in time before sunset. And as the sun set, the sky turned more and more colorful making it an evening to remember.

This is a 3 shot focus stacked photo which I put together in the post processing.
I have added colder color to the shadows in the front, as a contrast to the warm sky.
Also i have upped the colors in the sky and added more warm light. Dodged and brushed some details in the creek and sharpened and softened different parts of the image.

Canon 5D Mark IV
f/11 · 0,3 sec · ISO 320
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