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The Lost world

A gigantic yet luckily still not well known canyon on Iceland.
I had seen just a few photos of this canyon before we left for Iceland, but after hours upon hours of searching I finally managed to find the spot on the map.
And it really was worth it. The whole area was like walking in a fairytale, and also a fairytale we had all by ourselves.

It was raining heavily, so in the post processing I have added a lot of contrast and also dehazed it quite a bit to get more details into the shot.
The greens in this area were amazing, but also very saturated. So I have taken down the greens, but added some yellows. And worked with light, highlights and shadows.

Canon 5D Mark IV
f/11 · 1/13 sec · ISO 200
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Man this is beautiful!

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Thank you! It is an amazing area :D