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Sarah Lee

I shot a similar photo to this about a year ago. And I really liked everything about it, except for the composition. The model was great, the light was working real well. However I was so focused on the model and her posing, that I completely disregarded the framing.

So when I was building up promotional material, and added that old photo to my website, I figured I might try to photoshop the hell out of it to correct the composition. However I settled on just simply reshooting it. I had Sarah local to my area, and she was willing to go up and help me with it. With this reshoot I corrected all the mistakes I made in the first round. I turned on the sconces, brought a smoke machine to capture some light streaks, staged the spot a lot more and with the right color pallet. And then I shot the hell out of this frame. Maybe 400-500 frames.

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