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Spaghetti Western Studies

This is another test for the spaghetti western concept that I've been mulling around for a while. Andi and I are planning on another concept shoot out at the Salton Sea. However, until all those ducks are in a row - I was able to get her and Nikki (H&MUA) to come out to the wheat fields before they get plowed.

Model: Andi Pope @andipopee
H&MUA: Nikki Velasquez @glambynikkivelasquez
Photo: Me @jiggliemon

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The image immediately pulled me into their world - love it

So cool! Thanks Ian.

Great staging! Love how the rim light comes through between the sheets.

Thanks Tavita. It’s always a relief when the details come together.

Love the lighting and overall feel.

Very interesting. I like it.

thats cinema for me, I really like it. well done.

in love!

nice work. love images that tell a story.

Lovely image