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Rain Porter for "Field Dressing"

The idea was to try and do "studio" outdoors. The screen is intended to mimic a studio painted backdrop. And I figured the skin tones would be complemented by the golden field. It doesn't hurt that Rain is a total knockout.

Model: Rain Porter @rain_porter
Photo: Me @jiggliemon

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Love the tones! What is that screen in the background?

It’s really an idea I’ve been testing. I was wondering if I put up a semi transparent backdrop, if it would have a similar feel to a painted backdrop- but on location.

It doesn’t really. But I’ve found that it makes for a good “framing” element. And it’s slightly more interesting with it, than without it.

For instance I don’t think I would shoot pretty women in a field in bathing suits if it weren’t for that background scrim.

Intersting. I may borrow that idea to see how it goes ;-)

Keep me posted on the results. The fabric on this one is tulle. But I've settled on using unbleached or cream shears (for windows - from Joannes).

Great series - love the skin tone here.