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Burgers anyone..!?

Food photography for client.

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Very nice, congrats.

Thank you! :)

Was this done with using composites? Is it the real burger and/or food or were other items substituted that hold up better for photography?

No, its all one shot, on location. This was actually shot in the restaurants nightclub (which was closed at the time), All light in the image is made by me on location with strobes.

The detail in this shot is great, makes my mouth water! :-)

Good, then the image works :)

Incredible work. I do see two dust spots though. One above the board on the left corner and the other to the left of the burger

Thanks, got to clean those out :)

Excellent shot, maybe a little bit on warm side, IMO!

Thank you..! :)

Technically a fine image but is that the only standard to be used in judging the merit of a photo? I believe an excellent photo has something to offer in addition to technical compentence. A mood or rendererng of a suggested story.

Can't beat a real shot with excellent lighting. I like the subtle falloff of light towards the camera right side of the burger.

Thanks! :)

As my wife says " Yummy". Proof that food photography magic can start with edible food.

Thank you, and i totally agree..! :)