Cocktail photography on location.

🍸 The annual Cocktail Weekend event was held last week in Turku, Finland As a part of the event they invited 10 top Bartenders from around Europe to make cocktails at the event.

I made a “Pop up Cocktail photo studio" 📸 at the event, like I did last year as well, offering the bartenders a chance to have their “signature drink” photographed.

Since I didn´t know what kind of drinks the bartenders would be making in advance I had to come up with the lighting set up "on the fly" for each of the cocktails. I also made every set different so it would compliment the cocktail, all in all I had about 15-20 min. / drink -> and then on to the next drink, and so on. Shot these in abt. 4 hours non stop.

Considering these were done on location I´m happy with how they turned out 😁

Here is one of those cocktails, called the "Birdy".

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