Bullant at guard by David Glazebrook
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Bullant at guard

December 13, 2018

A bullant protects the parasitic "Wattle Tick Scale" on a small tree. The waste product from the scale is a sugary like substance. The ants eat it and in return protect the scale from predators. A single shoot with off camera lighting.

90mm · f/8 · ISO 100
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Robert Lee's picture

Amazing single shoot macro

Jay Makor's picture

Perfect lighting and with details.... love it!

Michael Chee's picture

nice shot... may i know what setup you use for your lightning ? thank you in advance

David Glazebrook's picture

Hi Michael, the ambient light was only about 1/25s so when I used one off camera speedlight with a small Westcott macro softbox syncing at 1/250s, this meant the I was able to make the background blackout as there was 3 stop difference. All the best David

Scott Steinson's picture

Excellent photo, and interesting info.

Ravi Putcha's picture

I love how the hair on the ant glows...wonderful image