Stand Out by Cody Schultz
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Stand Out

December 14, 2018

It was a foggy day in January of 2018 when I captured this moment. I remember being with Melanie, having stayed over the previous night, when I looked outside shortly after waking up to a cloudy, foggy atmosphere outside. Fog that sticks around throughout the day is a rather rare occurrence where I live, which makes it very tough to capture good woodland photography. The separation of the trees simply isn't there without it and I honestly don't enjoy waking up early enough every morning to check and see if there is fog, only to miss it by the time I drive somewhere new.

Regardless, as soon as I saw the weather conditions outside, I coaxed Melanie into going to a local park with me so I could capture at least something. Luckily enough, the fog stuck around in low amounts as we walked along the path before diving deeper into the woods.

This tree stood out amongst the rest of the barren forest, it's leaves refusing to drop, having withstood the trauma of the winter months. At the moment, I didn't realize it but now that I look upon the photograph whilst typing this, I have come to be inspired by the strength of the tree. It's resilience to not be beaten by the cold, nor the wintry storms; it's willingness to stand out amongst the rest, when the rest had already chosen to conform.

There is so much that nature can teach us. We simply need to take a moment to listen.

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