Broken Symmetry by Cody Schultz
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Broken Symmetry

December 14, 2019

Broken Symmetry was captured whilst walking along one of the many pathways leading to Lake Moultrie. I wasn't expecting to find many small scenes such as this but rather the larger, grander scenes of the cypress trees that litter the lake. It was to my surprise then when I came across this little patch of water from which so many trees, bushes, and other vegetation found life. Having heard of the alligators that can be found in Lake Moultrie - specifically the 12 foot, six hundred pound one captured in 2007 - I was a bit nervous walking the paths. My nerves were raised even higher as I strayed from the path, into the brush, and right up to this patch of water. The entire time I was composing this piece, I found myself constantly surveying my surroundings, waiting for a creature to come up out of the water to say hi.

Intrepid 4x5
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