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Squarebody Syndicate Series 01

Squarebody means trucks that were made by either Chevrolet or GMC in the years 73-87 and 91. There is a large following and fan base of these year trucks and one of the companies that was founded around this passion is Squarebody Syndicate. The Series 01 was their first main build for the brand. It saw SEMA 2015 and won two major awards in the industry. Shortly after, the truck was auctioned off.

Last year, I met the owner of the truck near Denver, Colorado and absolutely fell in love with it all. I basically begged him to let me shoot it for my portfolio. We pulled together a last minute shoot the day before my new brochures went to print and one week before I left with those brochures to SEMA 2018. While at the show and leaving the first evening, I happened to step foot in the booth where this truck sat, met two guys who remembered the truck from 2015, and finally (the coolest part), I had the opportunity to meet Joe, the original builder of the truck and the owner of Squarebody Syndicate. Needless to say, I had goosebumps and he was stoked to see his old truck in front of him. While there, I also had the privilege to see their brand new Series 02.

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