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Winter in Norway

Magic conditions in Norway these days. Who would you spend the night with here, under the stars? The image is a composite of two images taken at different time of the year to create this mood.

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This is a composite, right?

Thats correct, Kyle..

Please state in your description if it is, otherwise it's a disappointment once you learn that it is. I've seen photographers talking about composites, and they're usually all fine with it, as long as you come forward and say it's one. Please don't hide it by saying you could spend the night here under these stars =/

totally agree! Especially in this case where the description makes it sound as if these were the conditions by the time the picture was taken

Thank you for your feedback, Nick. Absolutely no problem for me to edit the description.. Its was never my intention to pretend this image was something else than is is.. Since i always use two, three or more exposures in my images, i just didn't remember to do it. In this case the images were taken some time apart.. It will not happen again i can assure you:) Roger

Great photo

Thank you very much, John😀 Appreciate it.

Nicely done.

Roger... Wow thanks for sharing this. Brilliant.

Nice !!

Would you call it a composite as well if you you use multiple Exposures? Is it also mandatory to always state if you blended exposures?

Wow, it is beatiful. Being there has to be a thrill