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Kyle Farris
High Springs, FL
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Digital Tech, Videographer
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Matt Whytsell Photography
Keith + Michelle // Feature Film
Dustin + Carolyn // Highlight Reel
Patrick + Lindsay // Highlight Reel
Denis + Jennifer // Highlight Reel

I live in High Springs, FL and work 30 minutes south of there in Gainesville, FL (pretty hip town). I own a company called Chomp On, LLC which has a subsidiary called GBVideo. At Chomp On we specialize in commercial works including web development, graphic design, and brand development but our main focus is commercial and corporate video production. GBVideo is the wedding video branch of the company that specializes in fun, modern, and cinematic wedding films for a very affordable price.

I'm also a Web Platform Engineer that mainly focuses on web application development in PHP, Node.JS, JavaScript, CSS, LESS, etc...

My primary passion is photography/videography and I'm always hungry for new ideas and challenges.

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