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Matt Whytsell Photography // Promo Video

We met Matt (along with his team) at a wedding a few years back. He is so incredibly easy to get along with and his team works so well together. As Natalie says, they are like a "well-oiled machine."

Since then, we've become great friends. We've not only had the chance to work together multiple times at weddings, but we've also had a few sessions with Matt (Maternity and Little Man's 1st Birthday), and we had the honor of capturing Matt proposing to his wife, Natalie.

So, when Matt came to us with the idea of shooting a promotional video for his business, we were immediately stoked! We shot over the course of 2 days and really worked hard to figure out exactly who Matt was, and why his business is unique.

To find out more about Matt Whytsell Photography, visit his website at mattwhytsell.com

Footage cut to "Best Days" by Aaron and Andrew, and licensed through The Music Bed.

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