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Where the elves live

The beautiful and peaceful Kvernufoss on Iceland.
This is the neighbour waterfall to the more famous Skogafoss. Yet while there was tourist chaos at Skogafoss, we had this one all by ourselves.

In the post processing I have worked with the light and shadows. Also added some yellows into the greens making the colors a bit more lush.

Canon 5D Mark IV
f/11 · 2 sec · ISO 100
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Magical shot. Really well composed.

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Thank you, it is truly a magical area 😄

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I love the colours and the mood here, Fredrik!

Daniel's particular fondness for your composition struck me, however, as this is the one aspect in which this image doesn't quite work for me.

All of it is well-balanced and harmonious, but from the moment I saw the thumbnail. the bottom left corner "bothers" me; it is that angle where the water goes down, and then right, framed on the left by the rock (tree?) and river bank respectively.

This is very hard to put into words, but for me it as as if ?the image stumbles there ?some flow is interrupted?

To deal with it, I feel like moving to the right, maybe, and including less (or none) of the dark mass in the corner i.e. softening that sharp "bend" in the water. I realise that doing so might have meant you and your gear would fall into icy water!

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Thank you so much :)

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Great capture!