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Usually I have the exact storyline for my photos. With this one I had so much stories in my head, I couldn't compress it in two or three words.

I would love to hear what do you guys see in this photo?

Model: Jussi Viljanen, www.instagram.com/jussiviljanen

Shot w/
Canon 5D4
Sigma 50mm. ART 1.4
Godox AD600 with beauty dish
Godox AD360 as a fill with 135cm octabox
Godox V860 with snoot as a rim light

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Jack Van Lierop's picture

3 words eh? Release and Reflection.

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Yes, quite catchy! Thanks :)

Noah Stephens's picture

“Pick your poison”

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Good one too!

Jukka Pinonummi's picture

Love it, great work Sanna.
Mahtavaa työtä jälleen Sanna, oot kyllä aivan huippu :)

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Kiitos, Jukka <3 Sanat ovat tärkeitä!

heikoknoll's picture

I see a man with a fresh bruise on his right upper cheek. Judging from his clothes, he wasn´t trying to save a cat stuck up in a tree. At first glance the scratches come from fingers, and here it would of course fit the scene that the hand belonged to a woman. The incident didn´t occur long ago, maybe even within theses rooms. The framed picture throws me off a little, because although it gives us a clue, noone would ever bring a picture like this along with him into a bar -- and to me this looks like a bar-room setting (in a corner somewhere). Nevertheless, to me he is at the moment not thinking but rather watching attentively. Maybe to see who that man is with whom she just walked out the door. . . ?

Musing Eye's picture

Maybe if he stumbled out of the house already drunk and clutching the picture? Yeah, that is more of reach, but as I look the other images I do see that clear story across many of them, and I love the continuation across them. If we fill in the story as viewers, all the better.

Sanna Vornanen's picture

This one story was nice! :)

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Heiko, I should have made the room look more like a kitchen or something more cozy :) But nice storyline you got there.

I love to hear your stories, because it underlines it´s in the eye of the beholder.

Gerald Lemke's picture

Two once removed ...

James stone's picture

I see a memorable night out.

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Haha, I really like this one :D

Chris Silvis's picture

Framed photo of a couple behind the bottle. Wedding ring on. Clothes and hair still neat. Slapped with the left hand by someone because his right cheek is marred up. The 3 scratch marks marks mean she grabbed his face and dragged her nails. Man she (his wife?) was pissed. One good one would mean she slapped him with her wedding ring turned backwards.

Doesnt look like a bar because theres no pictures or anything on the wall. Plus hes got that framed photo. Could be at his house. Man cave maybe?

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Very nice analysis, like the exact point of view!

Alec Kinnear's picture

Mystery location (not bar, not home) a bit of a problem. Makes the shot look staged, disengages emotion. The man looks real, the props look photoshopped, so the photographer could change the environment to make it contribute to the scene in a realistic way (the man and is clothing is clearly in the tradition of realism).

Ivan Munoz's picture

Good shot! nice to see some good dominican rum there.

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Thanks, Ivan! And thanks for clearing out what did I found from back of my husbands liquor shelf :D

Ravi Putcha's picture

He had a rough day...

Sanna Vornanen's picture

He sure did!

David Rodriguez's picture

excellent. like a scene taken out from a movie

Marcin Świostek's picture

I think it only adds to the photo if the story has loose ends. The unknown is what attracts (at least me) to go deeper. And your photo is that case. :)

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Thank you!

Steve Gould's picture

Nice shot but one thing I can't get past.....He's a tough looking guy, but he's holding that cigarette like a sissy.

Sanna Vornanen's picture

Haha, you really gave me a good laugh with this one :D Model doesn't smoke so I had asked him to keep cig like that, my bad :D

Richard Tack's picture

"I don't often discuss the credit card bills with her, but when I do, I find three fingers of Bermudez kills the pain quite nicely."

Sanna Vornanen's picture

I think this one nailed it, definitely!

Phil Cornwall's picture

"I wonder if she'll be back this time...…"