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Mano Del Desierto

As my time comes to an end in Chile, I am left in a mood of reflection. It's been an interesting trip to say the least. A lot has gone against me. Missed ferries, hotel bookings, but nothing as unpredictable as crashing my rental car on Ruta 40 in Argentina and having the most interesting and challenging three days on this trip.

Through all the challenge and circumstance I kept pushing through. All in search of some clear night skies. I traveled to Patagonia & the Atacama Desert in search of such beauty only to be met with the most rainfall they have had in decades.

It was still stunningly beautiful but the night sky still eluded me. So I made a break for the coast and Mano Del Desierto in hopes of something. I was so happily rewarded. Met some amazing ppl last night on the same mission and shared stories. Here is a shot from The Hand of the Desert. Worth every mishap, and trip changing obstacle. I hope you enjoy it, the picture doesn't compare to the experience, but I'm happy to have something to show for it all. On to the next adventure!!!

20mm · f/1.8 · 15s · ISO 2000
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