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Dead Tree House

Milky Way over an abandoned house in Canada

This is probably one of my favourite shots of the year.
The sky is from another location as I just felt it fitting to have the core over this house.
As the Milky Way season comes to an end, I am so happy for the experiences I have encountered. Meeting new friends, learning new things and most of all just being out there under the beautiful night skies ✨

Sky 3x90sec exposures f2.8 ISO800
Foreground 24x20sec exposures d8 ISO100
Foreground illuminated with my drone and two Lume Cubes
Sky tracked with iOptron sky tracker pro And stacked with starry landscape stacker.
Blended in photoshop.

Nikon d850
Tamron 15-30mm f2.8
iOptron sky tracker pro
Mavic 2 Pro
2 x Lume Cubes

15mm · f/8.0 · 20s · ISO 80
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No surprise here Gary! Well deserved and well done!

Thank you so much Ruth. Much appreciated!

Would you mind posting the exposure settings and if this is a composite? Beautiful shot. Manitoulin?

Done. It’s in the description. Dundalk, Ontario.

This is amazing, one of the few I've given five stars to. f8 is a little surprising to me but everything came out super sharp and well balanced so it seems it was worth it. I'm guessing the milky way has been stacked quite a bit?

Thank you so so much! Really appreciate it! I think it’s the best I’ve done. The f8 was for the foreground. I used a sky tracker for the sky and stacked 5 x 120sec exposures at f2.8 ISO800.
I used my drone to light paint the house. I have two Lume Cubes attached so I can shoot at f8 ISO100 for nice clean foreground.

That's awesome man, the hard work and professionalism definitely shows and you've got an incredible image here. Definitely will be following to see what you come out with next!

I just love it. Getting foregrounds lit up well in the dark can be tough. For me this just makes it so much better. Plus it’s tons of fun flying in the dark haha.

Wonderful photo

Thank you so much!

Gorgeous image!

Thank you so much!

Thank you. I preferred it like this lol. It’s just my style. Each to their own :)

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